I am from an incredibly talented family.   While standing in  the shadows of Musicians, Pencil Artists, Artistic Quilt makers, Seamstresses, Wedding Cake Baker’s, Floral, Interior Designer’s and the like, I realized at a
very young age I had a creative side. It started with a needle and thread as a young girl making baby doll clothes and continued with inspiration from my mother until as an adult I was designing an elaborate hand-beaded heirloom wedding gown for my sister that will be worn by generations.  This came  naturally to me….Or so it seemed (more on that in a minute).
    In 1999, after admiring photography for several years, I took the leap into and invested in an SLR camera. I promptly began to study books and videos about photography and soon I was taking beginner’s workshops and classes.   I spent a lot of time and money only to produce mediocre results.  I was trying so hard to concentrate on the outcome that I was placing such an expectations on myself that a lot of the creative process was blocked.   The disappointment of not finding a natural talent, along with a busy work schedule and keeping up with two teenagers, I put the camera down in 2001. But even though I wasn’t shooting, there was still a longing for this art.  I continued to admire photographic art, but only from a distance.
    As my sons grew up and moved out on their own, and the nest has emptied, the longing to pursue this art grew and grew.  It could no longer be ignored. In May, 2006 I reached for the camera again. Although when I picked it up this time, it was a very different story!  I realized that making that first wedding gown had nothing to do with natural talent.  It only seemed like it, because I had spent literally 25 years developing the skills. Those skills, with a passion for it is what made it possible.   For me, natural talent is overrated… the passion for photography is what will make the art possible.
    While I’m still studying and developing the skills and my time is still limited,  I sure am enjoying the journey. Many  times while I’m out shooting,  I find myself putting up the camera and just enjoying what’s going on around me.  Now when I shoot, I’m disconnected from the outcome, I’m only concentrating on the journey. I have no fear of failing now because I know the skills will marry with the passion when the time is right…just like the day I saw my sister walk down the aisle, a picture of beauty, in a magnificent gown.    
.......Being labeled as talented only means that we survived  being untalented." Quote by Craig Tanner, The Radiant Vista
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Just reading up on some of this lately, was interesting.

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